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I manage and write content for three of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's fundraising events brands on all social media platforms, including Cycle for Survival, Fred's Team, and Kids Walk MSK. I actively monitor social media analytics and audience engagement for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using TrackMaven.

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March on, women. March on. #WomensMarchNYC #WomensMarch #TimesUp @womensmarch


@RaviBhalla @KenFerrante @CityofHoboken @LittleCityBks @HobokenFire @HobokenPD @HobokenGirlBlog @hMAG What about all the dog feces on the street. Seen an increase since you were elected. Coincidence..I think not. @SnoWrite124

Two days before I left for college, my grandpa asked me to promise him to go after my dreams no matter what, or else I'd spend the rest of my life helping someone else make their's come true. It echoes in my memory almost every day.

Reason #182 why e.e. cummings remains as one of the greatest heroes of my life. #MondayMusings

Tragedy is the formal expression of humankind's capacity for insight; farce is tragedy's actual, anarchic face.

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